Grand Strand Health offers summer health classes, seminars and blood drives

Grand Strand Health offers summer health classes, seminars and blood drives

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Grand Strand Health is urging community members to participate in several blood drives, classes and seminars all focused on keeping families healthy and safe through the summer season.

One class hits on the importance of knowing CPR. Grand Strand Medical Center's Chief Medical Officer Andrew Schwartz said thousands of Americans fall into cardiac arrest of sudden death each year and only 8 to 15 percent of these patients survive and go on to live a normal life.

"So, being able to respond immediately to someone who is having a cardiac arrest significantly increases their chance for improved survival," Schwartz said.

When it comes to CPR, doctors recommend it's something the family babysitter knows how to do. To help in this endeavor, a safe sitter babysitting class is being offered.

"How do they make sure that if they are going to be bringing someone into their home to be their nanny or take care of their kids, what are the things they need to be thinking about while they are assessing who that person might be?" Schwartz said.

In addition to CPR, the safe sitter class will offer nurturing childcare techniques, behavioral management skills, first aid and how to relieve choking.

Another big topic will be how to take care of skin in the sun, especially the areas many may miss, such as their feet.

"We're going to bring in a podiatric surgeon who is going to present to the community the elements of this potential skin cancer, and what you can do to minimize it or reduce the risk," Schwartz said.

He added that the seminar will also focus on detection because skin cancer on one's feet can look much different than they might think.

Lastly, the seminar will help those who've exhausted diet and exercise efforts, and are looking to learn more about surgical options.

"There are criteria that you have to meet to be able to be a surgical candidate and there are different surgical procedures that are available for weight loss and all of them are designed to reflect the individual patient," Schwartz added.

There will also be a blood drive and free cholesterol test.

For more information, such as times, see the press release below:

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