Horry County police officer goes from fired to resigned

Horry County police officer goes from fired to resigned

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - After nearly 19 years with the Horry County Police Department, Luke Green parted ways with the department in March.

How Horry County said it happened is drawing questions.

Documents obtained by WMBF News in April showed former HCPD chief Saundra Rhodes fired Green after an internal investigation.

The letter of termination provided at the time referenced a 2-year-old incident where Green left a man with a bloody mouth after he resisted arrest during a prostitution sting.

In this case, the department said the problem wasn't the choke hold he used on the man, which is a tactic taught by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

The problem was the fact that Green didn't write up a report.

Documents from that internal investigation showed the lack of a report is what HCPD leaders found to determine that Green was in violation of department policies.

In the report, Green admitted to his mistake, but said past practice was to not write a report unless there was a serious injury. He also said, in this case, his supervisor, Capt. Dale Buchanan, said "not to worry about it."

Still, two years after the incident, Horry County fired Green. Then, WMBF News double-checked to see just what was filed.

Now, Horry County is calling Green's exit a resignation, saying it started the same day as his original termination date.

When asked why the change was made, or what it means about the allegations leadership made against Green, the county provided no comment.

WMBF News asked the county similar questions recently about other abrupt employment changes with the chief and deputy chief, but have received just as few answers.

A request for comment was sent to Green's attorney and those close to him, but a response was not immediately provided.

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