Deal Diva: Boosting cell phone battery life

Deal Diva: Boosting cell phone battery life

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  June 1 is the start of the 2016 hurricane season and now might be a good time to buy an extra power for your smartphone. 

Randell Jennings with Batteries & Bulbs in Myrtle Beach says there are ways consumers can save their battery life. 
"Each battery has a cycle and there are so many cycles in a Lithium battery. So if you use a full cycle every charge and discharge is a cycle," Jennings explained.  
Jennings said consumers should also keep in mind, the latest smartphone may mean a smaller battery.
"They are trying to make it sleeker, and better than the last phone, so they are going to make the design a little bit smaller,  and then they make the battery smaller, and that also affect the run time too," Jennings said.  
To help your battery last longer, the store manager recommends checking your phone settings. "Adjust your screen brightness, you can turn off your display brightness that can drain your battery. Also turn off Bluetooth and Wi-fi when you are not using it."  Jennings adds, "Your Wi-fi is constantly scanning every 15 seconds looking for a new Wi-fi, so that constantly drains.

It is also recommended that you allow your phone battery to completely drain before recharging it. "I know that is hard to for people, but it really will extend your battery's life," Jennings said.  Jennings also said be careful with using your car charger. "Car chargers if you use that excessively then the heat from the car charger charging it too fast will cause it not to get much run time," said Jennings.

If you are not near a outlet, or car, and need a phone boost there are options. Jennings said, "You have the battery pack that you can hook up to, that will extend the run time. You can also use that battery pack to charge it back."
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Jennings said there are also smartphone apps that will monitor your battery life and do the work for you. 
Batteries and Bulbs not only specializes in replacement batteries, they also work on repairing smartphone screens, Jennings says they see hundreds of screens in need of repair.

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