Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach will soon have a new roof

Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach will soon have a new roof

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – After 23 years of assisting others in the community, the Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach is getting some assistance of its own.

According to a press release, Monarch Roofing and other community members and businesses have secured most of the funds needed to move forward with giving Community Kitchen a new roof.

On Wednesday, a check for $5,000 was presented to the Community Kitchen and Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach from Monarch Roofing. The release stated the company was ready to begin work on the roof, "weather permitting."

"We're excited to be able to help them to do all the good work that they do," said Stephanie Bohardt, marketing coordinator for Monarch Roofing.

Peter Casamento, executive director and deacon of the Community Kitchen, said the current roof leaks when heavy rains fall. Those who are in the Helping Hand offices then have to put tarps over their electronic equipment, he added.

Casamento said another concern brought on by the leaking roof is the kitchen is under inspection from the state Department of Health and Environmental Control. That requires the facility maintain its cleanliness so it can continue to serve the community.

The total roofing project will cost around $40,000, but officials with Monarch Roofing wanted to get the job started even though not all the funding has been raised.

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