City taking steps to again bar adult businesses from corridors leading into city

City taking steps to again bar adult businesses from corridors leading into city

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The City of Myrtle Beach is taking a step to keep adult businesses from moving onto the main roads leading into downtown, to make up for having accidentally left the rule out of the code out when the zoning laws were changed a few years back.

Along Highway 501, Robert Grissom Parkway, and Mr. Joe White Avenue, adult businesses would not be allowed within 500 feet, according to a change to the city's zoning code being brought before the Myrtle Beach Planning Commission.

Basically, the city is adding language into its code to keep those adult businesses off the main corridors. Those roads are the first thing most tourists see when they reach the beach, and city employees said strip clubs on the main roads don't make the best impression on families starting their vacations.

City planners explained the term "adult business" means one that allows nudity- like strip clubs. That's different from "sexually-oriented businesses," which is the term that adult bookstores fall under.

But city planners said on Wednesday that they also hope to include a restriction for bookstores to the code. This stipulation was in the text of the city code before it was rewritten a few years back. The city hasn't had a request for a new strip club. The rules for adult businesses were left out by mistake, that's why the code needs to be changed.

"We've made a couple of adjustments since we did rewrite the zoning code," explained Mark Kruea, spokesman for the City of Myrtle Beach. "It was a massive task to take the former code, condense it, make it a little more business-friendly and a couple of little details we're still adjusting."

As for existing strip clubs, there's the Master's Gentleman Club on Mr. Joe White Avenue. City planners said that businesses already here would not be affected by the change, but would be grandfathered in.

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