Myrtle Beach locals stopped from getting home during traffic loop

Myrtle Beach locals stopped from getting home during traffic loop

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The traffic loop was part of Bikefest for the second year and people living and working in the area said it made them feel trapped.

WMBF News put the question out to viewers on Facebook: "Did you get stuck in loop?" More than 60 people commented on the post.

"Myrtle Beach held everyone hostage this past weekend," Lucas Tinker said.

Some commented that their commute to or from work multiplied.

"Locals should have been allowed to get through barriers in order to go to and from work," Colleen Sharp-Mills said. "What usually takes my husband 10 mins to get to work, took him a half hour because he had to get into the loop."

"Some locals spent 3 hours driving 14 miles across town," Don Foley said. "Not very successful in my view."

Police encouraged locals to take the U.S. 17 Bypass during loop hours.

"Stayed on by-pass and never had an issue," said Jeannie Carver. "2 thumbs up MBPD."

"I want to know why Locals were "encouraged" to use 17 bypass only to find themselves stuck in horrible traffic and dead stop traffic for hrs?" Adriane Shenay-Welsh posted. "Then when you ask an official what way to go to get out of it you get a whistle and light shown in your face!!!!"

Some said they tried asking officers to get off the loop to enter their own neighborhoods, but they were not allowed to pass through.

"The loop needs some work done to it for sure," said Brandon James Holmes. "I live in riverlanding apartments and was trying to get to my apartment around 12:00 and wasn't able to get to it cause I wasn't able to cross the loop. When I asked officers if I could cross it to turn on to the road I live on in wasn't able to. I tried multiple ways to get there. Only to be shut down. I think the loop is a good thing. Just needs some order and not put the locals in a bind. I ended up having to park some where and wait till the loop was over to get home. Which was well after 2 am in the morning."

While many applaud what local law enforcement agencies have done to control Bikefest, they want some kind of pass or exemption that allows them to get home.

"This is a very simple fix for order for them not to get stuck on the loop Myrtle Beach should have passes made for your car like the hotels give you to stick in your car to park so your car doesn't get towed. You hang this pass on your mirror and you should be allowed to exit the loop at designated area....real simple fix for the locals working," said Shawn Redish.

Some travelers coming into Myrtle Beach International Airport couldn't get to their final destinations right after they arrived because taxis were scarce.

MYR Spokesperson Kirk Lovell said the overall traffic of the weekend made it difficult for taxis to get back to the airport quickly or held up taxis in other parts of the city due to high demand.

"This is how we welcome people to our community, so obviously not having transportation that obviously impacts them," Lovell said. "But Myrtle Beach and the staff at the airport actually tried to assist, talk with folks, hand out free bottles of water."

He said it is not the airport's place to ask for changes to the traffic pattern for Bikefest weekend.

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