Gov. Haley to endorse three new challengers in local state senate seat races

Gov. Haley to endorse three new challengers in local state senate seat races

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Governor Nikki Haley is endorsing three local challengers over the incumbents for State Senate. She was in Georgetown Tuesday night to endorse candidate Reese Boyd, and will visit Florence county to endorse Richard Skipper and Horry County to endorse Scott Pyle.

"The people of Georgetown deserve a senator they can be proud of, one that won't vote for legislative pay raises and higher taxes, and that's exactly what they will have in conservative reformer Reese Boyd," said Governor Haley. "Reese is not a politician. He's a fighter. When Reese gets to Columbia he'll make sure state government serves his constituents, not the other way around."

Boyd is running against Joe Ford, Stephen Goldfinch, and Dick Withington for the 34th District seat. Ray Cleary, the senator who currently holds the seat, has made the decision not to run again.

Gov. Haley is also scheduled to visit Horry County on Friday, June 3 to endorse Scott Pyle on his bid for the District 33 seat in the South Carolina Senate over 24-year incumbent Luke Rankin.

"Career politicians in Columbia have lost their way - they stop ethics reforms, vote for tax increases and raise their own pay," Haley said. "Scott Pyle is a businessman, not a career politician, and we can count on him to cut taxes, rein in government spending and hold the career politicians accountable to the people."

In Florence Wednesday, Haley will speak in favor of Richard Skipper's bid for the District 31 seat. Right now, 36-year incumbent Hugh Leatherman holds the position.

"Florence deserves new leadership that fixes our roads and delivers tax relief, instead of funding legislative pay raises and pet projects, and that's the kind of leadership they'll get with conservative businessman Richard Skipper in the Senate," Haley said.

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