City considers Traffic Loop a success, but areas still need improvement

City considers Traffic Loop a success, but areas still need improvement

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A big takeaway from the Memorial Day weekend for public safety officials is there are still areas in need of improvement.  Extra officers poured in to help and the weather lessened some crowds on Ocean Boulevard, but police and festival-goers alike met a few challenges

The traffic loop is still considered a success. Myrtle Beach City spokesman Mark Kruea says Bikefest ends up being more like a parade of pedestrians and cars instead of motorcycles.  He says the loop kept traffic moving instead of stopped on Ocean Boulevard.

Horry County reports a total of 18 motorcycle accidents as of Monday night.

There were six reported shootings in Myrtle Beach since early Friday - one of them deadly.  The murder at the Fountainbleau Inn was the first shooting in Myrtle Beach going into the weekend.

However, the weekend of military appreciation events is considered a success despite weather woes.

"From a Military Appreciation Days standpoint, the parade and the picnic on Saturday were great, that was a wonderful venue, we had a good crowd for the parade. Obviously this event on Ocean Boulevard and elsewhere still has its challenges for the greater community," Myrtle Beach spokesman Mark Kruea said.

Some Ocean Blvd. businesses complained business was down, but Kruea said complaints from businesses were at a minimum.

The golf cart ordinance also went into effect from Friday night to Monday.  The city added the ordinance last month, making it against the law to drive golf carts south of 29th Avenue North on Ocean Boulevard during Memorial Day weekend. They also weren't allowed on roads closed due to the traffic loop after 8 p.m.  The rules went into effect after midnight Friday through the barricade removal yesterday.

Golf cart business owners disagreed with the ordinance, saying their business would suffer. One business owner said Monday that he complied with the ordinance, but made golf carts available to people who needed them and made sure they were aware of the ordinance.

City leaders say people didn't challenge the temporary law, and complaints and citations were minimal.

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