Hurricane Coverage- What to expect from the WMBF Team

Hurricane Coverage- What to expect from the WMBF Team

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- When a storm is bearing down on the Grand Strand, you need to know where you can go to get information quickly. Here's what to expect from WMBF News and the First Alert Weather Team.

Every storm is different and requires a unique plan, but for the First Alert Team some things will not change. We will be tracking the storm most likely before it even forms. As soon as it's named, you can expect several updates on our webpage, Facebook, and Twitter as well as special coverage on-air during our shows.

If a Tropical Storm Watch or Warning is issued for our area, expect the full team of meteorologists to work together in shifts providing team coverage and monitoring and adjusting the forecast together. We will give you a timeline of how things will unfold and what preparations should be done. News reporters will also bring you reports on what you can do to protect your family and property as well as what local officials are instructing you to do to prepare for the storm.

When a hurricane warning is issued, it is crunch time for you and for us. We will break in to local programming several times a day with an update. If conditions warrant it, we will start our continuous on-air coverage at this point. We will launch the hurricane version of our webpage, keeping the forecast as well as important information front and center so it is easy to find. We will also do updates with our radio partners, as well as constant updates on Facebook and Twitter. The First Alert Weather app will be very important during this time. We will send out push alerts, the latest forecast and you can keep tabs on the storms progress as well as watch our live stream.

Everyone wants to know what we would do in the event of a major hurricane. We would maintain full staffing as long as possible. If a mandatory evacuation is issued we would start to scale back, keeping our meteorologist at the station along with an engineer and only necessary staff. If a Cat. 4 or Cat. 5 storm is bearing down on us, we could evacuate the station and go to our transmitter tower in Bucksport. We can continue to go live from this location even though it wouldn't be pretty and it would be bare bones. During this time, we would also rely on the internet and our app to relay information. Unless the storm takes us off-air, we will be here bringing you information.

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