Horry Co. reports zero motorcycle-related fatalities over Bikefest weekend

Horry Co. reports zero motorcycle-related fatalities over Bikefest weekend

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County Joint Information Center reports zero motorcycle-related fatalities took place over the Bikefest weekend.

Knowing just how dangerous riding on two wheels can be, the main goal for every biker here this holiday weekend is to make it home alive.

"That's phenomenal, you know what I mean?" Milton Purnell said. "For you to go on a vacation like Bike Week or whatever. You've got to come home. When somebody calls you saying that somebody got hurt or killed on a biker event because of a bike…. that's kind of devastating, it can really change your life."

On Monday, people still filled the streets in Altantic Beach, and many were reflecting on the weekend and agreeing that the roads felt safer.

"Being that a lot of people were actually taking precautions and being safe this year, that's a big improvement," Jerry Cochran said.

Those who have been coming to Bikefest for years admit that hasn't always been the case.

"You have people that just got a bike, they don't know how to ride. They just want to get a bike because its Bike Week and stuff like that," Purnell explained. "I've been through it, but I went through the proper training to get it. Just riding, hanging out, no drinking, hanging out or wilding out. It just kind of helps, puts things into perspective so you can get home safely."

Many also noticed cars and bikers seemed to do a good job sharing the road this year.

"Especially during Bike Week, a lot of people know that it's bike week obviously, so obviously when they see a whole bunch of bikers come by, they should give them the respect and let them pass if they are all in one group," Cochran added.

Though an improvement, from one biker to another, that doesn't mean you can let your guard down.

"Because somebody could actually be sitting right in front of you, looking you dead in the eye, and cut in front of you, in a car. So you've just got to be aware of your 360 and keep moving... and that's if you want to make it back home," Purnell said.

Without any fatalities this year, some bikers say it really makes them feel that they can focus on the best parts of this event which are checking out everyone's bikes, and making forever friends.

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