Some business owners in the Grand Strand take overall loss as Memorial Day Weekend wraps

Some business owners in the Grand Strand take overall loss as Memorial Day Weekend wraps

GRAND STRAND (WMBF NEWS) - Bike week usually means big money for businesses across the Grand Strand, but this year things were different. Some businesses in North Myrtle Beach are calling Businesses Memorial Day weekend a washout.

While Bikefest spills into all parts of the Grand Strand, businesses said bikers normally flock around North Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach to get away from the main city center on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach.

However this year, things changed.

"It could have been better," Fat Harrold's Beach Club Manager Shannon Briggs said.

Briggs works along Main Street in North Myrtle Beach, and said all her workers had hands on deck and were hoping for a big crowd Memorial Day weekend. However, with threats of tropical weather, there wasn't much of a boost with the unofficial start to summer.

Briggs said Main Street business owners seem to think bikers either got stuck in the loop or chose a different hotspot to hang out to avoid traffic because there was not a single moment where the parking lot was covered with motorcyclists.

Many owners could agree that since the beginning of the week, numbers were down because the overall number of bikers was lower than previous years.

Business owners thought the rain would steer people to go into more bars to stay dry.

For some, Memorial Day weekend hurt businesses potential of making a lot of money especially when some had high hopes of making up for previous months.

"You know it sad, but the weather it is what it is, Mother Nature is going to do what she's going to do but hopefully a slow start means a great ending," Briggs said.

Local businesses hope the weather was the only cause for people not being in attendance like normal and not the preventative measures officials put in place. Owners said if there's a time in the year where a single event can reel in thousands of visitors, it only makes sense for businesses to reel in thousands of dollars.

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