Businesses cite weather for decrease in sales for Bikefest 2016

Businesses cite weather for decrease in sales for Bikefest 2016

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The tropical weather is not only changing plans for people who are visiting the area for Bikefest, but also for some of those hoping the bikers would be their customers.

E-Z Eats Café on Ocean Boulevard has seen 50 percent fewer sales so far this Bikefest compared to the same weekend last year.

"Last year and the year before we were open until about 2 in the morning. This year we closed about 12:30 because there was just no business," said Jim Carayiannis, owner of E-Z Eats Café. "The rain really hurt us."

Carayiannis said he expected people to come inside to eat when it rained.

"We were wrong," he said. "The bikers just kept driving."

Blue Smoke Vape Shop also hoped to sell twice as much as the store has so far.

"The rain has definitely impacted people's attitude. They just want to chill. I know personally when I get wet I don't want to go in a store, I just want to change my clothes," said Caleb Varas, manager of Blue Smoke Vape Shop.

However, vendors at Atlantic Beach Bikefest only saw a slight decline in sales this weekend compared to last year.

"A lot of people were out here in the rain and said the rain didn't bother them," said Carolina Madden, of

However, she said Friday was extra crowded because she thinks people tried to beat the storms.

"I broke down at 3 o'clock that morning," she said.

Donnie Greene, of Donnie Greene Catering, said his barbeque was selling slower at the Atlantic Beach festival than he anticipated, but he was still optimistic.

"I don't think the numbers are the same way they were last year, but with the people who are here, we're still doing pretty good with it," Greene said.

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