Bad weather won't keep all Bikefest goers away

Bad weather won't keep all Bikefest goers away

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  Bikers and families travel from all over the country to visit during this holiday weekend. And even though the weather has been less than perfect, many are still pressing on.

"We gotta get ready. Keep it going. Rain don't stop the show." said biker Styron Drakeford.

Karen Steele says she's visited during Bikefest several times before, and this time decided to bring her kids.

"Well we came from Indianapolis to enjoy the nice beach and the hot weather, but we got the rain so we're still here," Steele said. "It just seemed like good bonding. Time to bond with your family, have fun and let everyone reunite with each other."

"It's just tradition: family, bikers, and brotherhood." said Drakeford.

So far, there have been no violent crimes reported in connection with Memorial Day Bikefest, unlike two years ago, when seven people were reported shot. Several measures have been taken over the last couple of years to handle the increase in population during the holiday weekend, including police officers posted at many intersections and barricades to control the flow of traffic.

"Just watch out for each other on the streets. Once you take that first ride, you'll never give it up." said Drakeford.

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