Bikers react to Bikefest traffic loop

Bikers react to Bikefest traffic loop

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Over the past few years of the Memorial Day weekend Bikfest, extra measures have been taken to control where the bikes can ride.

That has led to a difference of opinion over their effectiveness.

In 2015, a 23-mile traffic loop was put in place as a way of controlling the flow of traffic through Myrtle Beach.

Some bikers say the loop makes things safer, while others say the new restrictions, make the event less fun.

"We're here for bike week. We want to be seen. Everybody wants to be seen on their bike. Let the bikes ride on the strip." said Wuan Mumford, who visited from Kentucky.

A large portion of Ocean Boulevard is included in the traffic loop, turning the strip into a one-way street heading south. Six hundred officers from across the state were also brought in to help police the streets and create a safer environment.

"You know, some people don't know how to act. Police dudes need to show their force. But you don't need to be so forceful that you don't enjoy the ride here," Mumford said.

Albert Buford has been working security for Bikefest for the last four years and said the influx in population can cause problems, but added he has seen changes for the better.

"You tend to have things where they're not familiar with the area and things tend to happen," Buford said. "They ask questions. They don't know where they're going and that causes a lot of congestion and problems here and there, but right now, like I said, it's been getting better each year. And we want to continue to have something for the bikers each year."

The traffic loop will be in effect Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 p.m., to 2 a.m.

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