Manheim Darlington expands, bringing 75 new jobs

Manheim Darlington expands, bringing 75 new jobs

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - The wholesale auto auction company, Manheim, connects dealers to the used car marketplace.

Now, they are taking their provider in the Pee Dee to the next level with the expansion of the Darlington facility.

"We've been here for 73 years giving back to the community in many ways, but one major way with this opening of retail solutions is the hiring of 75-plus people," said Danny Brawn, general manager of Manheim Darlington. "It's a win-win for Darlington, Hartsville and Florence, and it's a win-win for Manheim."

The ribbon cutting ceremony, dinner and tour took place on Wednesday evening at the new retail solutions facility with the help of Darlington Mayor Gloria Hines and business and community leaders.

Earlier in the day, a hiring event also took place for candidates to apply and interview for open positions.

Manheim Darlington is the oldest-running wholesale auction in the world, and now they are expanding their product even more.

"We opened our first retail solutions facility at Manheim Denver, the second was at Manheim Chicago and now we are the third to open here at Manheim Darlington and we couldn't be more excited to the third and the largest retail solutions provider," Brawn said.

The 48,000-square-foot building was transformed from what was the previous body shop to change the way the world buys, sells and owns vehicles. Brawn explained,

"So we provide them with the inventory that they need to sell to the retail public and that's what we have done traditionally," Brawn said. "But today, with retail solutions, we provide the reconditioning for the dealer, for the client, so they don't have that burden."

He added it will provide an end-to-end solution for dealers, when they will later deliver the cars right to the front line.

With the expansion, Manheim Darlington is looking to fill jobs for the new space.

"I've only been here two weeks and I can tell you already it is wonderful," said Michael Brown, who is a retail services administrator with the company. "It's a great place. I think I'm happier here than I've ever been anywhere else."

Brown commutes every day to work from Myrtle Beach, and he told people who came out for the hiring event they will not be disappointed.

Manheim also works with trades, bank repositions and rental car companies. Part of the new renovations include a high-definition photo booth, which is in a room with a 360-degree rotational platform that spins the car while taking pictures of it at two angles. Those photos will be uploaded directly to the dealer's website for retail sales.

All the cars will now be ready to market immediately from the auction lanes, with all merchandising done for them right in the Darlington facility.

To celebrate 73 years, Manheim Darlington are hosting an open house and dealer anniversary sale at the new facility on Thursday. Those interested in applying for a job with the company can click here for a list of open positions.

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