City of Florence touts improved ISO rating

City of Florence touts improved ISO rating

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Florence residents may soon be seeing relief in their pocket books.

A better ISO rating for Florence City Fire means a lot of properties will be getting cheaper rates from insurance companies.

"What it really means is the city's fire service is doing all the right things," said Florence City Manager Drew Griffin.

Griffin said public education, more training and overall growth are the reasons the city of Florence is now an ISO of one instead of two.

"Our water supply is adequate to provide fire protection," Griffin said. "We are doing fire prevention education programs. We have a full 24-7 service."

He added the city is seeing a lot of annexations and it's proud to be able to get a better rating even with more property coming into the city limits.

"Fire service or public safety, which would include police and planning and things like sanitation, are very important to the residents of Florence so all that plays into the city's ability to annex," Griffin said.

Griffin said if savings apply because of the new rating, they will be different for everyone.

"Part of that is because every insurance provider has a different deal. There is not a blanket deal," he said.

Griffin added the savings will depend on how much fire protection a resident purchased, the age of their house and other factors.

Out of the 50,000 fire departments in the country evaluated by the ISO, less than 200 of those have class one ratings, according to Griffin.

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