Businesses have mixed feelings about Bikefest traffic loop, barricades

Businesses have mixed feelings about Bikefest traffic loop, barricades

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some businesses in Myrtle Beach have their routine down for the busy Memorial Day weekend. However, others think the traffic loop will take away from the restaurants' regular foot traffic and repeat customers, and said the loop will make or break business for the weekend.

There are a lot of businesses along Ocean Boulevard who think the barricades are a problem, while some say they're not an issue.

Businesses said they're nervous about how the weekend will pan out this year with all of the safety measures in place.

Owners say the traffic loop will make it hard for customers and even employees to get in and out of their businesses. However, one of the managers from Peaches Corner said people consistently came in and out of his restaurant last year. He said he sells more food this week than he does over the next couple months. He says he had to stock up and even increase staff to handle the crowds that'll soon start rolling in.

"We just put more employees in so we can keep up with the amount of volume that keeps in honestly, and we have to watch to fire code because this place packs out," Peaches Corner Manager Ben Pond said.

While there are businesses that aren't happy about the traffic loop, others say they're not only prepared for the volume of people that will soon fill Ocean Blvd., but businesses are also helping police keep an eye out for any trouble that could potentially take place.

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