As Harley week wraps up, businesses look ahead to Bikefest

As Harley week wraps up, businesses look ahead to Bikefest

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – The weather wasn't enough to keep bikers away for the annual Spring Bike Rally, or to keep businesses from capitalizing on the crowds.

Business owners in Murrells Inlet said they knew Harley week was going to be success, now, they hope Bikefest matches that expectation.

Bikers rode through all parts of the Grand Strand for Harley week and it's not going to die down anytime soon, as bikers start to reel in for Bikefest.

"When I was first learning to ride a bike there were hardly no bikers, but now I'm 60 years old and everybody wants to ride so I wish I could go back in time," Myrtle Beach visitor Sandra Floyd said.

For some it was about the type of bikes people rode, but for others it was all about the business people brought. Owners and vendors said at first no one was sure how the week would pan out, but now the bikers are exceeding their expectations.

"Initially we thought some of the weather was going to give us some trouble but luckily we dodged that bullet and it's been a great rally, the numbers have been tremendous, I think across the board for all the businesses around town," Beaver Bar Owner Charles Beaver said.

While local vendors didn't shy away from calling Harley week a success, one owner says she just hopes for the same foot traffic with Bikefest.

"We had a better first weekend than we expected so we're excited about that, and were hoping to really knock it out of the park this weekend," local vendor Michele Pledger said.

And as the area says goodbye to those here for the annual Harley rally and gears up to host thousands of new people… some visitors wanted to leave a positive message behind.

"Look twice and save a life and be careful," Floyd said.

As more bikers hit the Grand Strand in full swing as the week leads up to Memorial Day, officials want to remind people to utilize Highway 17 Bypass - that will be the best option, starting Thursday.

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