Former Horry County detective addresses allegations in lawsuits

Former Horry County detective addresses allegations in lawsuits

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A former Horry County police detective at the center of two lawsuits addressed those allegations in testimony footage obtained by WMBF News.

Video testimony and a transcript of an extended deposition former Horry County Police Department Det. Allen Large participated in on March 2, 2016, was obtained by WMBF News from the company that recorded the proceedings after there were no objections from any of the attorneys.

In the first lawsuit, the reported victim, identified only as Jane Doe, alleged that Large was called to investigate another sexual assault case in December of 2013, and "engaged in a course of coercive behavior, unwanted sexual advances and sexual assault."

Large denied the accusation in the deposition.

"If I was going to have sex with her or be mean to her or whatever I was supposed to do with her, why would I involve my church, my wife?" Large is quoted as saying in the deposition.

In the most recent lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, a woman identified as Jane Doe 2, whose sexual assault case was being investigated by Large, accused him of demanding that she participate in a nude, videotaped fist-fight with other women while a group of men watched.

During the deposition, Large was asked if he propositioned the alleged victim to engage in fights with other women.

"I told her that there was other ways than what she was doing to earn money," Large said under oath. "She was doing videos and performing oral sex with the guy that she was doing videos on."

Large later said that he did suggest the idea of the fights as a way to make money in a manner that wasn't illegal.

"I put them in touch with people that could give them a job that would pay them good money," he said. "I know … I don't know who they'd be fighting."

In this most recent lawsuit, Jane Doe 2 alleged that Large would assist her with regaining custody of her children, move her into a condo in Murrells Inlet, and provide her with a mode of transportation. In exchange, he demanded that the woman engage in a nude "catfight" against another woman, "as there was a group of men in the area who liked to watch women participate in nude, videotaped fistfights."

When the woman resisted Large's requests, he threatened to take personal action to keep her from visiting her children, the suit alleges.

This lawsuit comes several months after the first one.

Both are filed by Evans Moore Law Firm.

Attorney James B. Moore previously provided WMBF News with a statement:

"We believe this detective preyed on the most vulnerable of women, exploiting his police badge to keep them quiet. It's downright shameful. I applaud Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 for shedding light on this injustice. Unfortunately, we expect more women to come forward in the coming months."

On Friday, Moore confirmed they anticipate filing a third lawsuit in the coming weeks.

Large responded to WMBF News reporter Conor McCue on Friday night following a request for comment.

"The allegations are not true and I look forward to being charged," he said. "It's the only way this is going to stop."

Large added he'll answer any and all questions after he's been formally charged.

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