Bay Pointe residents concerned about damaged playgrounds

Bay Pointe residents concerned about damaged playgrounds
A sign was placed at a playground in the Bay Pointe announcing it was closed for repairs. (Source: Amy Lipman)
A sign was placed at a playground in the Bay Pointe announcing it was closed for repairs. (Source: Amy Lipman)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Damaged playgrounds in the Bay Pointe neighborhood in Myrtle Beach could be repaired soon after a woman contacted WMBF News about the dangerous conditions of the equipment.

The woman's mother, Susan Duncan, lives in the community and is concerned her grandchildren, step-children and other kids in the neighborhood will get hurt on the playgrounds.

"If they swing the wrong way or if they jump on those screws, somebody is going to really get hurt bad," Duncan said.

When WMBF News Reporter Amy Lipman visited Friday morning, she found damage on both of the neighborhood's playgrounds, including missing or broken pieces of climbing features, screws sticking up from wood on the playset, a loose bolt on the top of a swing and open spaces on the sides of the playset with nothing connecting it to the ground.

"It either needs to be torn down, put up a plastic one or it needs a sign that kids shouldn't be on it because somebody is going to get hurt," said Sydney Schilousky, who also lives in the neighborhood with her 2-year-old son.

She said teenagers caused some of the damage.

"It's only meant for probably 7-, 8-year olds," she said. "We have teenagers who come out on the playground and destroy it."

Whatever the reason for the unsafe conditions, families in the neighborhood want to see the playgrounds fixed.

Duncan said she told the office about the problems a while back.

"They said that they would look into it," she said. "Nothing's been done and it's actually getting worse."

The Bay Pointe office was closed Friday and a property manager couldn't be reached.

Clayton Ingram, of SC Housing, said this was the first time the state housing authority has heard about the problems with the Bay Pointe playgrounds and staff would look into getting answers now that it was brought to their attention.

Several people visited a playground Friday afternoon and looked at the equipment. A woman would not say which company she was with and said the company cannot make any comments. She did say they'll take care of it.

After, men posted a sign on the playground saying, "Playground closed for repairs," and also placed boards over the damaged features.

As of Friday evening, Duncan said she did not see the same sign or boards at the other playground, so it is still open.

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