North Myrtle Beach plans for Market Common-like ‘Town Center on Main Street’

North Myrtle Beach plans for Market Common-like ‘Town Center on Main Street’

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Major changes are on the way to North Myrtle Beach, as officials want to continue to make Main Street the heart of the city.

Approximately six-and-a-half acres of undeveloped land just a few blocks from the beach off Main Street are set to be the site for a planned super urban community called the Town Center on Main Street. It would be complete with shops, townhomes and interconnected walking paths.

If it sounds like The Market Common in Myrtle Beach, that's exactly what the developer is going for

An early design has 20 work-live retail spaces with a store on the bottom and a living space up top, along with 26 townhomes without the shops. It is all centered around a lake at the back of the property.

The project is set to be done in seven phases, with the developer hoping the first will begin this fall.

Hopes are the project will ultimately resemble an urban neighborhood that still maintains a coastal feel.

To make that happen, the zoning has to change.

The North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission gave their recommendation to city council for the change. It will have to pass two readings starting at the next council meeting.

The city is supporting the plan, because it's what the North Myrtle Beach community wants.

"Main Street needs to be a draw for visitors and residents alike, and it needs to be on both ends of Main Street," said Jim Wood, North Myrtle Beach's director of planning and development. "So this is going to be a key, key piece on this end of Main Street, on the 17 end of Main Street, to get us to the goal of Main Street being an attraction. So it's a very exciting time for us in the city."

City planners said they're hoping this is just the first of several major changes coming to North Myrtle Beach in the coming months.

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