Aircraft maintenance company expanding in Horry County, bringing 75 new jobs

Aircraft maintenance company expanding in Horry County, bringing 75 new jobs

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A local aerospace company will expand at Myrtle Beach International Airport, bringing a $1 million investment and 75 new full-time jobs.

That was the announcement made Tuesday by Josh Kay, the president and CEO of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation, in reference to Executive Helijet's upcoming expansion.

Kay said the $1 million investment will be over a five-year period.

Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus called the news an announcement that brings the area one step closer to fully utilizing what used to be a thriving United States Air Force base and turning it into a thriving economy.

"Everybody says we are out getting new industry to come in," Lazarus said. "Well you know what, there's a lot of existing industry that we can help also to grow."

Executive Helijet is a maintenance repair and completion center for aircrafts that CEO Jeffery Bass said provide the industry with one of the only, if not the only, one-stop shops for aircrafts needing work.

As for the investment, Kay said the $1 million will be used for capital improvements to the hangar and for equipment that is brought in. Additionally, the 75 new jobs will have an average wage of over $20 an hour, he added.

Kay said this move fills the remaining hangars from the Air Force days and opens up the door to build new hangars for private development or public investment.

As for Helijet, Bass said he is excited the company will be the catalyst for this new-found growth.

"We're going to go from being a medium-sized company to a much larger company and we're going to stay right here in Myrtle Beach to do it," he said. "Because they've made it so attractive, we can't deny this is the very best place for us. And we love the community. This is our home. How can we leave this place?"

Executive Helijet is accepting applications now.

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