Trailer returned after being stolen from Myrtle Beach church

Trailer returned after being stolen from Myrtle Beach church

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A trailer stolen from a Myrtle Beach church was returned to the church Wednesday after a post about the stolen trailer was circulated on social media.

Tina Wilson with the Myrtle Beach Christian Church said they arrived at the church Wednesday morning and found the trailer had been returned, but had been emptied of its contents.

Ministers at Myrtle Beach Christian Church, located on Burcale Road, said the trailer was taken from the parking lot last week. According to Matthew Wilson, it was used for several mission ministries and for their mobile church services.

Wilson, an MBCC minister, said it was initially thought a volunteer took the trailer for a mission project. Eventually, it was learned the church was dealing with a theft.

The church soon took to its Facebook page asking for help.

On Monday, pictures of the trailer were posted along with a message imploring the community to contact the church or area law enforcement if they have any information.

Wilson said church volunteers used the trailer to deliver food, clothing, furniture and supplies to those in need in the community.

"We are constantly trying to help families and get stuff to them," said Daniel Banks, another church minister. "It was really disappointing. I think the truth is, if somebody would have come and asked us, we would let them borrow it. But to take it, it just really breaks your heart."

The trailer also proved vital in hauling supplies for community home remodeling and construction jobs. Now, those services are at a standstill.

"It's something that we use weekly, and so all those ministries right now are at a halt because we have to get trucks and volunteers to help  us transport stuff." Wilson said.

Banks and Wilson added they have forgiven the accused, and hoped they had a change in conscience. Apparently, those responsible did.

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