High-ranking member of Horry County Police announces retirement

High-ranking member of Horry County Police announces retirement

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Horry County Police Deputy Chief of Support Scott Rutherford announced his retirement Wednesday, five days after Chief Saundra Rhodes served her last day before retiring herself.

County spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier confirmed to WMBF News that Rutherford is retiring on June 6. Rutherford started on the police force on June 4, 1991, and was promoted to Deputy Chief of Support by then-Chief Saundra Rhodes in 2012. He earned a yearly salary of $79,747.20.

Former Horry County Police Chief Rhodes announced on April 25 that she would retire on May 6. On May 9, documents obtained by WMBF News revealed that the county paid over $60,000 into the state's retirement system so that she could retire over a year early.

Rhodes' retirement came as several individuals in the department are under investigation, including a detective who was fired after a 2015 investigation revealed sustained allegations of sexual harassment, and another detective who allegedly failed to investigate over 80 cases fully or appropriately.

Horry County Administrator, Chris Eldridge, has appointed Deputy Chief Kelvin Waites as Interim Chief, according to a news release from the county government. Waites has appointed South Precinct Captain Lance Winburn to serve as Deputy Chief.

On Wednesday, Horry County councilmember Paul Prince suggested that the Horry County Police Department should be combined with the Horry County Sheriff's Office, saying he thinks it is what is best for the county.

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