'Bikefest Information' videos target attendees, with message to 'Follow the Law'

'Bikefest Information' videos target attendees, with message to 'Follow the Law'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  A series of videos produced by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce targeted at attendees of this year's Bikefest have a unique message: follow the law.

The videos, posted by the "Bikefest Information" YouTube channel, feature Myrtle Beach Police Assistant Chief Amy Prock, Councilman Mike Chestnut, community leader Reverend Timothy McCray, resident Lynda Thomas, and Bikefest attendee Violet "Heels" Lucas.

They laid out law enforcement and traffic plans for this year's Bikefest, but, more importantly, gave visitors a warning that no crime will be tolerated.

It all comes down to three bullet points; be safe, have fun and follow the law.

"It's not a typical chamber of commerce message, but somebody has to lead this effort to carry the message that we welcome you, but we do expect you to follow the law and respect our community," said Brad Dean, chamber president.

Dean said the ads are airing both in town and out of town, both on air, and on social media platforms online. The out-of-town videos are targeted a little differently.

No matter who is watching, all are encouraged to come to town and have fun but just don't take it too far.

"When people see that, they're going to be like, alright, that's a safer place to go, it's going to be safer this year, we can stay a little longer and have a better time," said Rico Funderburk, as he watched one of the videos on the boardwalk.

For the many people who were shown the video, they liked the stern message and hope it'll be effective come Memorial Day Weekend.

"It would definitely make me feel better about coming after seeing the commercial, because there's a solid plan there," said Lauren Williams, another visitor watching the video on her phone.

Dean said the video can also be helpful for locals because they give a quick breakdown of different things like the traffic loop and app created by the city. He added that, hopefully, the campaign makes sure no one is surprised come the big weekend.

Watch each of the videos on YouTube below:

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