Man admits to recent burglaries in Hartsville

Man admits to recent burglaries in Hartsville

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) – A man admitted to police that he had conducted several recent burglaries in Hartsville after he was caught near the scene of an attempted burglary, according to police.

Chauncey Frazier, of Hartsville, was apprehended near the 400 block of Home Avenue after a homeowner heard noises and found a person trying to enter the house through the window, according to a news release from Hartsville Police. The man fled when he discovered the house was occupied.

After he was caught, Frazier admitted to conducting a few recent burglaries in the area during questioning, the release states. The investigations are continuing.

In order to protect you and your neighbors' property, the Hartsville Police Department offers the following suggestions:

•    "See something, say something": If someone that you don't know is in the neighborhood, officers can check it out, but only if someone calls. If you see anything suspicious, please report it. 
•    Alarms and home cameras: Alarms tend to scare off burglars and gets the police to the scene within minutes, instead of hours later when you get home. Home security cameras are available for less than $500 and can help identify suspects. 
•    Dogs: If you like dogs, they can help alert you and your neighbors if someone is on your property that doesn't belong. 
•    Leave the TV or radio on so it sounds like someone is home, and leave some lights on at night. 
•    Consider joining or starting a neighborhood crime watch group, get to know your neighbors. 
•    Keep your windows and doors locked. Don't leave keys outside in spots where a burglar might easily find them.

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