Sun Communities residents fight proposed RV park

Sun Communities residents fight proposed RV park

HORRY COUNTY, SC  (WMBF) - Residents that live along S.C. 90 are concerned about proposed plans to build a mobile home trailer park and RV resort in their backyard.

Several residents planned to attend the Horry County Planning Commission meeting on Thursday night, as the committee was expected to review rezoning the area to build the development.

The 300-acre developers wants to build Bear Lake Estates on land that is located off S.C. 90 and Old S.C. 90.

Some residents residents said safety is one concern. Joe Woodle, says his family's farm will be neighboring the development.

"We're looking at a trailer park and a RV park that has no central feature," said Joe Woodle, whose family's farm will be neighboring the development. "For instance, it is bigger than Lakewood Campgrounds, but it doesn't have an ocean. So what are those people going to do?"

Mike Wooten, with DDC Engineers, said he is representing the developers in making a presentation to the board about rezoning for the development.

Wooten said the trailer park will have 300 mobile homes and the RV campground will have 900 campsites.

"Trailers are a wonderful place to live if you need one. It's a roof over your head. It's a great thing," Woodle said. "But if you have rental units that year after year are catering to the same people, we fear that we are going to get some folks that are not going to have the community's best interest at heart."

Wooten said the development will offer upscale amenities, including a zip line, swimming pools and an area for commercial property. He added the mobile homes will be separated by Old S.C. 90 from the RV Resort, and it will be a gated community.

According to Wooten, he and the developers have held three community meetings to answer questions and address concerns from residents about the proposed property. He added research and studies were conducted to look at how traffic, wetlands and property values would impact the area.

"The study we did showed this type of development would actually increase property values," Wooten said.

Woodle, however, said he is not convinced Bear Lake Estates is the best development for the area.

"We as a community want development, but we want good development," he said. "We want development that enhances the possibility of having better development in the future. If this were it, we would be all for it."

Woodle hoped the Planning and Zoning Commission would carefully review their decision and ask tough questions.

"Is this good development? Is this something that will enhance the community? Is this something that will cost the community in taxes, police staff and EMS time, and so forth?" he said.

Wooten said the board will review the rezoning plans and then make a recommendation. If it is approved, it will move forward to county council for a final decision.

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