CCU talks campus master plan

CCU talks campus master plan

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Officials gave a first look Thursday at what may become the master plan for Coastal Carolina University's campus.

None of it is set in stone, but the master plan included expansions to the HTC Center and Brooks Stadium, and a new parking garage, among other projects.

It's basically a blueprint of how CCU will evolve in the coming years.  The plans accommodate CCU's student body from right at 10,000 currently to 12,500.

The master plan embraces the idea university leaders have pushed, which is for the campus to become more walkable.

As CCU grows, leaders want to preserve the greenery. So, rather than tear down trees and wildlife, the plans call for the demolition of several existing parking lots and then develop the property into new academic buildings.

In place of those lots is the possibility for a parking garage on the outside ring of campus.

The plan also outlines the intent to have some sort of gateway leading into campus.

In addition to expanding the HTC Center and Brooks Stadium, the university would move and build a new track and soccer complex across U.S. 501.

"The future of Coastal Carolina University exists in those documents," said Martha Hunn, CCU spokesperson. "These are our guidelines for how we're going to grow. So everything we do here will relate to those plans and it's very exciting. When you look at those, you kind of see the crystal ball of the future of the university."

On Thursday, CCU's Board of Trustees discussed whether or not to approve the master plan. Since members only received it within the last few days, they tabled the vote to have more time to study it.

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