Crime prevention and safety part of CCU, HGTC students' orientation

Crime prevention and safety part of CCU, HGTC students' orientation

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Public safety officials at Coastal Carolina University say a simple text or phone call from a student can help prevent crime.

Students new to CCU, whether they are freshmen or new to the college campus, don't leave orientation without a rundown of how to report, crimes as well as drug or alcohol abuse.

"Most of the orientation leaders made us put their phone number into our cell phones and set it up as speed dial or whatever," said CCU student Luke Bartlett. "So that's in my contacts as CCU public safety."

This makes it easy for students to reach help if they need it. Like many other college campuses, students new to CCU participate in a program put on by The Department of Public Safety. The campus officers serve both Horry Georgetown Technical College and CCU, and during orientations, they present students with different scenarios and discuss the right response and actions.

The Dr. Debbie Conner, the Vice President of Campus Life and Student Engagement, says the program was first put in place at CCU five years ago for incoming freshman and transfers. She says it was a new concept, and CCU considers it 'the action' part for what they preach to the students.

"Doing that with different types of scenarios they might experience in a college setting, which might be different, so we want to give them the tools kind of for their tool box, so that they can respond and intervene and help others when they need help," Conner said.

Conner says since the program began, students are more aware of their surroundings and when something isn't right. She says reporting crimes is part of being in the community and, as a result, the school and police are able to give more support to the students.

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