Extra A-Tax money could go to add more sand volleyball courts in Myrtle Beach

Extra A-Tax money could go to add more sand volleyball courts in Myrtle Beach

. - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Locals who enjoy playing sports by the beach might be happy to learn the city of Myrtle Beach is looking at spending some leftover cash to boost sports recreation options on the oceanfront.

The city appreciates that locals use the sand volleyball courts off Ninth Avenue North. So, leaders are talking about spending a small amount of leftover accommodations tax money to put in three more courts.

There are three courts currently in the area. Doubling that would add to the size of tournaments or leagues that can be played, as 12 teams could compete at one time.

The cost to the city would be around $20,000 to lay the sand and set it up.

Myrtle Beach's recreation volleyball scene has grown slowly since the city leased the land and put the courts in a few years ago.

That first year, businesses next to the court said there weren't too many people playing. Since then, more people learn about the courts and take advantage of them.

That means the businesses are profiting because the courts are packed on weekends.

"The spot was empty for too long, and now we're trying to use it with whatever we can for free, and fun entertainment," said Victor Shamah, owner of The Bowery. "As city council discussed a little bit at a meeting, we're trying to get bocce courts and some corn hole games in with it too."

Leaders said the courts will be up for discussion at the next city council meeting. If it passes, staff would look to put the courts in in July, just after the Carolina Country Music Festival.

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