CCU police chief speaks about Monday’s fatal shooting

CCU police chief speaks about Monday’s fatal shooting

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Following Monday's fatal shooting at an off-campus housing complex, Coastal Carolina University officials respond to it with a message for students.

CCU has limited housing for students in their junior and senior years, which causes many to live off campus in apartment complexes like The Cove Apartments, where Monday's shooting took place.

David Roper, director of public safety for CCU, said he has seen three violent crimes in his seven years with the university. 

"We've had three serious incidents, this being the third. And each and every time, it's done by somebody that's ... they're not even students on this campus," Roper said.

Dr. Debbie Conner, the vice president of campus life and student engagement, said students staying in complexes not associated with CCU are urged to take with them the lessons learned from living on campus their freshman and sophomore years.

That means reporting activity that seems out of place to campus and city authorities, and public safety.

"It's important that those students continue to be vigilant in what they do," Conner said.

Roper said that is how a crime like Monday's shooting can potentially be prevented.

"We would like you to call and let us know about these things and sometimes we can eliminate these things based on you helping us," he said.

Though apartment complexes close to but not associated with the university have their own management, CCU officials meet with them once a semester or more to talk calendars, events, concerns and, most importantly, safety.

Conner believed many of the complexes do have their own forms of security, and campus police say they are patrolling in those areas too

Though they may be managed separately, Conner said the students living there keep them connected.

"I know yesterday (Monday), even though it was off campus and not affiliated with the university, we had some counselors go over," she said. "We want to make sure the students that are in that situation are supported."

Students that may have seen either Monday's shooting or the aftermath were invited to a meeting Tuesday afternoon with counselors.

The hope was they can move forward and deal with what the saw in a healthy way.

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