After string of burglaries, Hartsville Police recommend keeping record of firearms

After string of burglaries, Hartsville Police recommend keeping record of firearms

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) – After a rash of burglaries in the Hartsville area, police are recommending that gun owners record information about their firearms to potentially help recover this property if it is stolen.

A Facebook post from Hartsville Police states that firearms have been a commonly-stolen item, and in some cases, owners have not had the make, model or serial number of the gun available for law enforcement.

The ATF has a simple sheet that can be filled out and saved or printed for a gun owners' own records. Gun owners can save the file to the cloud or keep a copy with a friend or neighbor, police say. This is not an attempt to track firearms, as the record can be kept by the owner; it is simply a method to help citizens recover their property.

The ATF states the following about the document:

Each year, thousands of firearms are reported lost or stolen. The owners' ability to adequately identify these firearms is central to law enforcement's ability to investigate these crimes and losses. Insurance claims and re-acquisition of recovered firearms will also hinge on the ability to correctly identify these firearms.

By completing this record and maintaining it in a safe location, separate from your firearms, you will be not only protecting your own property, you will be taking an important first step in the effort to prevent thefts and to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.
This is a personal record only. The information will not be collected or maintained by ATF or any other Federal Government agency.

The Personal Firearms Record can be viewed and downloaded below:

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