Good Samaritans assist beached dolphin in North Myrtle Beach

Good Samaritans assist beached dolphin in North Myrtle Beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Some good Samaritans recently came to the aid of a beached dolphin in the Cherry Grove Beach area.

Martha Barone said she and her husband, Greg, were walking along the beach on Thursday when they came upon some other individuals who were standing around a dolphin.

"He was obviously injured, with several cuts and gashes on his belly and one fin had several cuts on it," Martha Barone said via email.

She added 911 was called, and the group attempted to get the dolphin back out to sea. When police arrived, authorities assured them they were doing the right thing, Barone said.

Everyone continued working to push the dolphin back into the water. Barone said it seemed like their efforts might end up being in vain.

"With one last push and a big wave, to our amazement, he began to swim," she said.

Barone added that everyone's thought was if the dolphin could make it past the crashing waves, it would be OK.

"We watched with anticipation and, thankfully, he made it," she said. "Then we watched as he swam away into the darkness until we could no longer see him."

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