Amputee walks in Divas Half Marathon 5K

Amputee walks in Divas Half Marathon 5K

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Thousands of people are recovering after running in the Divas Half Marathon and 5K.

With all those participants, it can be tough to stand out in the crowd. However, that's exactly what one man did.

Myrtle Beach resident lost his leg in accident. Still, that didn't stop him from conquering the Divas 5K.

Thompson's life was changed after hitting his head during a fall. That injury led to a number of blood clots in his leg, he said.

The leg ultimately had to get amputated. Then, after months of rehabilitation, Thompson decided to put his faith and determination to the test by walking in the Divas Half Marathon's 5K race.

"I wanted to do something to show that this can be done with a prosthetic," he said.

Thompson said he walked the course about four times before Sunday's big event. With a little extra push, he was hoping he could complete the 5K in under an hour.

"I know the women walking with me are very determined that I'm going to get under the hour," he said. "They said I'll do it even if they have to pick me up."

An hour and 15 minutes after leaving the starting line, Thompson finished the race.

Before the accident, he was a coach. Now, he has others helping him along the way.

Thompson was happy to cross the finish line with two fellow participants, Pam and LeighAnn.

"For me, it brings back all the competitive juices I had when I was a coach and a player and everything else," he said. "It feels good to feel that."

However, it isn't just walking that keeps him going.

"I've gotten to where I can dance, I can do whatever," Thompson said.

So now, even life's worst moments have transformed into some of the best.

"I couldn't even imagine that back in October, when they took off my leg," he said. "But once I got going and got used to things, it was a goal that I set and I did it."

Although Thompson accomplished his goal of crossing the finish line on Sunday, he plans to keep dancing and doing more races because there's still life after amputation.

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