Fit Family Friday: Personal training and your teen

Personal Training & Your Teen part 1

04/29/2016 - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – When it comes to teenagers and hitting the gym, preventing injury is key.

Will Renke, a personal trainer at SkyFitness, says young people should avoid heavy weights.

"You know, they see all of these magazines, they go, oh, we can lift all of these weights. And as a parent, you know, that is the biggest thing you can't let them do," Renke says.

Renke says proper form is really important to avoid injuries.  "Injury - if that happens at a young age, they're going to see those effects throughout life, and that's the last thing you want," says Renke.  "They've got sports, they have college, the better their body performs now, the better it's going to perform further on in their life."

Renke says teens can work out five days a week, depending on their goals.  For cardio training, he recommends limits.  "Really you want to limit teenagers to about 45 minutes," he says. "That's real perfect to get everything going."

As for what parents should look for in hiring a personal trainer for their teen, Renke offers this advice: "You definitely want to be able to connect with your kids. That first session they have, they come home and they weren't excited. That's a problem. They should come home and go 'I can't wait to go back again! It's just awesome. I feel great.'"

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