NMB discussing penny tax within city limits

NMB discussing penny tax within city limits

. - NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - People who live in North Myrtle Beach could pay a little more in taxes in the future.

This small increase that could save them in the long run.

North Myrtle Beach officials just released research on the economic impact of the 2015 tourism season. They said local tourism is growing.

The city wants that growth to continue. However, the more people who visit and move into the area have to have somewhere to go. So, the city will have to plan accordingly for that growth while keeping it going.

The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce wants the city council to pass a penny sales tax for the first time.

If passed, the tax would last 10 years and 80 percent of it would come from tourists, according to city officials

For those who may get upset about the other 20 percent, the vice president of tourism and development for North Myrtle Beach explained how it would be used.

"A, it allows for that needed momentum building (and) marketing front that we talked about," said George DuRant. "B, it allows for capital improvement in our city, which is so needed to take care of the tourists and the growth we have here. More importantly, it provides a property tax rebate for our residents in the area."

The tax bill is one that many might be familiar with; it's the same one Myrtle Beach has taken advantage of.

North Myrtle Beach's penny tax would follow that same model. It is in the early discussion stage right now within the city.

City council would have to talk about it with community leaders and pass it before anyone finds themselves paying more. Once passed, it would go into effect immediately.

The funds could then be used after one year.

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