Area homeowner in dispute with state over sea wall

Area homeowner in dispute with state over sea wall

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A North Myrtle Beach man said a sea wall near his home was destroyed after the October flood, creating a ditch that has made its way into his yard.

He said the land is owned by the state and it's their job to fix it. State employees, however, disagree.

"This sea wall here, which was already in bad condition, it totally fell apart and created this huge ditch that is adjacent to and actually encroaching on my property." said Burton Irvine.

Irvine did online research and found that the land where the wall collapsed was owned by the state. After contacting the division of legal services, he said the state sent an investigator to evaluate the sea wall.

"He told me while he was standing here that they had no jurisdiction over that piece of land and that the state would not be responsible to rebuild the sea wall," Irvine said. "He did say he would get the ditch filled in for me."

That ditch has still not been filled. Irvine's next step was trying to speak with city leaders. According to North Myrtle Beach officials, the wall was built by a previous homeowner, and that the current homeowner is now responsible for it.

According to Horry County land records, the land where the wall is located appears to be owned by the state of South Carolina.

Irvine said not only is the wall an eyesore in his community, but with nothing to protect it, future storms and high tides will continue to damage his property.

"I pay my taxes and I feel that the state should make good on this," Irvine said.

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