FMU simulation aims to find communication issues during emergencies

FMU simulation aims to find communication issues during emergencies

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - From the classroom to the real world, nursing students at Francis Marion University are using what's called simulation to gain valuable skills to be used with patients.

Meanwhile, one of their professors is trying to branch this kind of training into the professional world.

Crystal Graham's students' go through real-life practices using robotic mannequins. It's a hands-on experience that Graham believed will pay off for patient care in the future.

She believed it works beyond the university setting and is working to bring this kind of training to professionals in the health care industry.

On Friday, representatives with McLeod Health watched on as students reviewed their performances.

"Many people want to be involved, but they're somewhat intimidated because it is technology, and it appears much more complex to facilitate than it really is," Graham said. "It really takes someone such as myself, who just has the passion for it, to really move it forward."

Graham added she sees a future for simulation for doctors, nurses and even EMTs and paramedics. Right now, though, she's working on getting simulation training to employees with McLeod Health.

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