Brother ball coaches call it quits

A coaching era coming to an end at Coker College

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - The small school in the small town, Coker College is saying goodbye to the Schmotzer brothers this year. The coaches have been at the school for over three decades. The Schmotzer's have over a combined 50 years coaching at Coker, in that time over 1000 combined wins. But it's the lives they've touched off the playing fields they say has made the difference.

"Lo and behold did I know that later on this would be a life changer and it was probably one of the greatest jobs I've ever had," former basketball coach Dan Schmotzer said.

Dan Schmotzer began his coaching tenure with the Cobras in 1987, when the baseball team was looking for their first coach in 1992, he knew the man for the job...his brother Dave.

"The big thing was not so much Dan being here but that played a part, but the big thing was starting a program from scratch," baseball coach Dave Schmotzer said.

Dave has won six conference titles on the diamond while Dan set a program wins' record in his first year on the court. Both are in the school's athletic Hall of Fame, but say their players got them there.

"That's why we're in the hall of fame and that's why really you got into coaching because you became a part of someone's lives your players," Dan said.

The brothers have raised families in Hartsville and have been involved with young lives from little leagues to high schools. They say it's more about developing players for life not just the game.

"The games gonna end we all know that. This isn't a farm system for pro ball, this is a farm system for life through the game," said Dave.

And while the brothers came in five years apart they are leaving at the same time, a job well done by the Schmotzer's and Coker.

"Dave said this in a previous interview probably a real sense of accomplishment and pride is that my mom and dad would really be proud of this," Dan said.

Dave and Dan plan on staying at Coker and working in the P.E. Department. Their legacy is even going into the bookstore with commemorative t-shirts.

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