Darlington’s first Wal-Mart nearly set to open

Darlington’s first Wal-Mart nearly set to open

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) – The new Wal-Mart location is being stocked and infrastructure improvements are finishing up, making way for Darlington's first major big box store.

Set to open on May 8, the store will not only bring those hundreds of jobs to the community, but also improved eye care for the area.

The city's spokesperson said this Wal-Mart will have an eye care center, which will be the first time in a while that Darlington has had a full-time eye doctor at the ready.

Construction on the big box store began in June 2015. Along with the added jobs and medical care, the new Wal-Mart should help in keeping business and money in Darlington, as well as usher in road improvements.

"We're obtaining a lot of business from the people going to Charlotte as well as the people coming to visit our raceway," said Darlington City Councilman James Cooper.

City officials previously said the Wal-Mart store will bring 250 new jobs. Additionally, the South Carolina Department of Transportation approved plans to add two turn lanes, since Main Street did not have an intersection where the new store was being built, according to Darlington Mayor Tony Watkins.

Darlington's water department installed new underground water lines across from the construction site and the city plans to recoup some funds from the move, according to city city leaders.

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