Myrtle Beach real estate agents use new 3D technology to boost home sales

Myrtle Beach real estate agents use new 3D technology to boost home sales

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - There's new technology being introduced in the Myrtle Beach real estate market that is designed to make the home-buying process more convenient for both buyers and sellers.

The Matterport allows agents to provide 3D images of a home, giving potential buyers the option to see the property with the click of a button.

"It has vertical and horizontal movements, said Tim Diedrich, owner of Gone Coastal SC 3D. "You can capture almost every inch of the space."

Diedrich is one of the first in the Myrtle Beach area to operate the technology. The Matterport has six cameras inside and it creates a 3D model of 360-degree turns while also using 2D and 3D sensors to capture depth and rich images of the property.

"You move the camera every five to eight feet or so and the technology is able to create stitching of each one of those camera scans, Diedrich said."

Consumers can click on a link and instantly walk into a home. Diedrich said the only way buyers can get a realistic view of a home is by video or with the Matterport technology.

"With the use of the Internet for looking at properties, I think 2D stills are sort of a thing of the past. This is truly immersive, this is truly a walking through the spaces," he said.

Right now, Myrtle Beach is the fifth fastest-growing region in the country. Home buyers looking to move or retire to the area are looking for convenience when it comes to the home buying process.

Mark Gouhin saw the Matterport 3D technology and immediately used it to market one of his recent client's home in Plantation Lakes.

"Everyone is shopping online," said Gouhin. "Buyers can save tons of time by seeing houses inside and out and really maximize their time when they come down to look at homes."

Gouhin said, for home sellers, the images are virtual foot traffic, giving potential buyers in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio or any other state the opportunity to walk through a property whenever they desire.

Some Myrtle Beach agents said many times out-of -town buyers come to tour homes and leave overwhelmed because they don't remember what they saw.

Local realtor Hans Neugebaur said he's been in real estate for 13 years and has seen the change from print advertising to online, and now this new technology.

"This technology is going to help them really get a feel for a house from a considerable distance away," he said.

Neugebaur added the technology forces agents in the area to become more competitive in the way they market homes for sale. He plans to introduce the technology at a broker open house on Friday.

To take a closer look at Matterport 3D Tour, click here.

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