First responders and medical officials gather to discuss new state trauma regulations

First responders and medical officials gather to discuss new state trauma regulations

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – First responders, from highway patrol and EMS, to doctors, nurses and medical directors, were all present at the Pee Dee Regional Trauma Advisory Council to discuss new state regulations.

"In trauma, seconds can count," said Ryan Allen, battalion chief for Georgetown County Fire and EMS.

Allen explained these life-altering decisions are not ones that can be taken back. That is why the Pee Dee Regional Trauma Advisory Council is making it a point to meet monthly.

"The better educated we are, the more we're able to push information to providers who then can act out in the field. We need to know the good and the bad," Allen said.

Allen said responding to trauma calls is a process. That process involved EMS taking someone to an area hospital. The person will then probably end up in an operating room or an extended hospital stay before going through rehabilitation.

"So, you have to get everybody on the same page so you have the best patient outcomes," Allen said.

From how they respond to strokes to calls where an elderly person may fall and hit their head, new state regulations are forcing first responders to evaluate where patients are treated.

Allen said it's important to make sure these new regulations fit in with the local process. Ultimately, knowing they did everything to save a life makes all the difference.

"Sometimes injuries are so great ... no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to get them back," Allen said. "But learning that (what) we did was the right thing (and) when you look at it after the fact and say, 'Look, we did everything possible,' it's a good thing."

Hospital staff and first responders from areas like Georgetown, Loris and the Pee Dee were all present Wednesday.

Subcommittees were formed to further discuss which patients should be taken to which hospital and, from there, how those patients will be treated depending on their conditions and medications they could be on.

The next meeting will be in May.

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