Changing the game: Golfboards a success on the Grand Strand

Golfboards succeeding on the Grand Strand

PAWLEYS ISLAND,S.C. (WMBF) - There have been few changes to the layout of the game of golf, but the Golfboard is a piece of new equipment making a quick impact with the transportation on the fairways.

True Blue Golf Plantation in Pawleys Island has four of the new rides at its course.

"It's probably the last thing in the last decade to be truly new to the game of golf," said True Blue golf pro Bart Romano.

The even weight under the board makes the operation like a balanced skateboard, with a thumb throttle that controls moving forward or backward. Turning is simple: lean left to turn left, and lean right to go that way.

"These boards are providing a way to change the game, proving a new way to get around the course, but also improving the pace of play at the same time," Romano said.

So far, the response has been positive.

"No one has ever gotten off the board and said 'eh, it's been ok,'" Romano said. "Reviews are extremely positive, and it's a great way to play golf."

The cost for one Golfboard is the same as renting one golf cart for a round of 18.

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