Neighbors respond to dozens of signs posted on Sidney and Tammy Moorer's front lawn

Neighbors respond to dozens of signs posted on Sidney and Tammy Moorer's front lawn

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - While neighbors try to stay neutral in the disappearance of Heather Elvis, some can't help but wonder what happened to her every time they pass by Sidney and Tammy Moorer's home.

"I do deal with it on a daily basis when I go by the house," said neighbor Deana Ginn.

Tuesday morning, Ginn passed by the Moorers' home once more to drive her kids to school. This time, she noticed dozens of neon signs lined their front lawn.

"I was still half asleep myself and these signs caught my attention right off the bat," Ginn said.

She admitted that she couldn't help but go back to see what the signs said. One read "Burn Our House," with a question mark at the end, Ginn said. Another stated "Ford F150 stalker," while a third stated the local solicitor basically needs to do his job.

The entire situation is troubling for the Moorers' neighbors, as they still don't know how the couple's cases will end. What they do know is is that the Moorers' children shouldn't be to blame.

"Children are children. They are not meant to be brought up into all this," Ginn said.

Though neighbors agreed the move to post these signs was a bold one, they also sympathized with how the Moorer family is feeling.

"Threatening someone who has not been proven guilty is just as bad as committing a crime yourself," Ginn said. "You should get all the facts before accusing and lashing out at someone," Ginn said.

These signs come after Monday's pretrial hearing in Sidney Moorer's kidnapping case. During that proceeding, it was determined an expert witness for the state will get to take the stand in the upcoming June trial.

Neighbors hope that trial will bring the answers both families, as well as the entire community, need to move on.

For Ginn, whether the Moorers are innocent or whether they guilty, she just wants the area to know what happened.

"I would like Heather to be found so the Elvis family can have closure about what happened to their daughter," she said.

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