Traffic loop will return to Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day weekend

Traffic loop will return to Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day weekend

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The 23-mile traffic loop is arguably one of the biggest concerns during Bike Week. With the event a little over a month away, city leaders want to hear to hear questions and concerns from the community in regards to this year's traffic loop.

There will be a public meeting Tuesday at Beach Church on George Bishop Parkway to talk about how you will get around the traffic loop congestion and how you can get to and from work during loop hours.

Local leaders are working hard to hammer out all problems concerning the traffic loop, but it starts with the community. Myrtle Beach City and Horry County leaders are encouraging people who live or work near the loop to get a head start on what to expect with the flow of traffic and the added police presence.

Although the traffic loop will be the same as last year, Myrtle Beach police will be at the meetings giving tutorials for a traffic loop app that will allow the public to see the loop and alternate routes. It will also highlight roads to avoid during bike week.

Leaders will also go in detail about limited entry to the airport, how private businesses can post no trespassing signs, and how using 17 Bypass is always the best option.

The second meeting will be on April 26 at 9:00 a.m. at the Original Benjamin's Calabash Restaurant on North Kings Highway.

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