National Linemen Appreciation Day sheds light on local crew members

National Linemen Appreciation Day sheds light on local crew members

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Living in the South, we often see extreme weather conditions that cripple our roads and at times leave our homes and businesses without power.

During those times, you are often encouraged to stay indoors, but one group of people is called upon to get everything up and running.

On Monday, National Lineman Appreciation Day is celebrated, and a representative for Duke Energy said they are grateful for the men and women who work to keep power running to your home.

Landon Joyner, who works on power lines, said on Monday, crewmen were working with "13,200 volts on each phase."

The team was out along Wilson Road replacing a 30-year-old utility pole.

"Your lineman keep you lines from going out all the time, it helps keep down on outages," Joyner said.

While the job of a lineman is about maintaining a power supply, crewmen are responsible for looking out for the safety of the team.

"It's very dangerous. You can see from what you observed here today that there are safety protocols in place and they follow them, because safety is out number one priority," Mindy Taylor, District Manager of Government and Community relations for Duke Energy said.

While a lane closure and the ever changing weather we see around the south can sometimes hamper customer convenience, the team at said what lineman do every single day is done with the utmost efficiency and with you in mind.

"We build, operate and maintain the integrity of the system so that customers can keep power 24/7," Joyner said.

"If you see these guys out working please slow down. It's important that they be able to operate in a safe work don't approach these zones by walking up and talking to these guys. Just drive by very slowly," Taylor said.

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