Today in weather history: The Tornado Outbreak of 2011

Today in weather history: The Tornado Outbreak of 2011

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) On April 16th, 2011 a very complex and dynamic weather system pushed through our area. The effects of this system were felt from Georgetown county to Robeson county. This outbreak was one of the most severe and epic events that has ever occurred in this area. Two tornadoes touched down in Robeson county. One tornado touched down in Dillon county. Four tornadoes touched down in Georgetown county with one of those tornadoes crossing the Williamsburg county line into Georgetown county. 

The tornado in Dillon county occurred near Little Rock and caused three injuries and no deaths. Multiple pine trees were snapped which caused significant damage to nearby homes. This was rated as an EF-1 tornado with winds of 105 mph and a path length of one mile. 

One of the two tornadoes in Robeson county occurred near Rowland. this was an EF-1 tornado with 100 mph winds. Pine trees were snapped causing significant damage to numerous homes. Buildings slid from their foundation and a few outbuildings were destroyed. Straight line winds caused more damage after the tornado. There were no injuries or deaths with this tornado. 

The other tornado in Robeson county occurred in Barker Ten Mile. This was an EF-1 tornado with winds of 105 mph. Headstones were flipped in a local cemetery and numerous trees were snapped. Multiple trees fell across I-95. Falling trees caused substantial damage to homes in the area. There were no injuries or deaths with this tornado.

Of the four tornadoes in Georgetown county, there were luckily no injuries and no deaths. The most significant damage that occurred was a shed that was flipped over due to the wind. Damage to a pickup truck from debris and hundreds of trees snapped covering some of the roads in Georgetown county. All tornadoes were classified as either an EF-0 or an EF-1 tornado. 

There were also multiple reports of golf ball sized hail and damaging wind reports that occurred that day. 

The tornado outbreak continued to unfold and intensify across North Carolina.  The state reported the most tornadoes ever in a single day with 30 touchdowns.  Some of the tornadoes were rated EF-3.  A total of 24 deaths were reported across North Carolina

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