Several restaurants scrape by with a low 'A' on this week's Scorecard

Several restaurants scrape by with a low 'A' on this week's Scorecard

On this week's Restaurant Scorecard, several eateries scraped by with a low "A" grade, while one North Myrtle Beach Hibachi was hit with a list of violations.

Sakura Hibachi Buffet in North Myrtle Beach received the lowest score on this week's scorecard: 79. Inspectors noted: there was a lack of managerial control, uncovered employee drinks were stored in the prep coolers, there were no paper towels at employee hand sinks, the dish machine was not sanitizing, chicken was not grilled to the correct temperature, cold food was not being held at the right temperature, foods were not labeled with a discard time, shrimp was thawing in standing water, food was stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer, some cooking equipment and gas lines had grease and debris build-up, and no waste receptacles were located at hand sinks, among other violations. Many of these were corrected during the inspection.

Atlas Tap House in Myrtle Beach received an 88 scores out of a possible 100, earning it an "A." Points were deducted for the following violations: proper concentration sanitizer was not at the sink, a consumer advisory about pathogens in food was not posted, chemicals were stored with foods and clean equipment, food was stored on the floor, and thermometers were not provided in coolers.

Wicked Tuna in Murrells Inlet also received an 88 during its routine inspection. The inspector noted that staff and cooks were touching ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands, raw oysters were stored without tags, tongs were used on raw and ready-to-eat foods, and some foods were not being held at the correct temperatures.

Joe's Diner by the Airport in Myrtle Beach also received an 88 grade from DHEC inspectors. Violations included: no posted health/clean-up policy, food was not cooling at the correct rate, cold food was not being held at the right temperatures, and inspectors could not verify the dye used in the sea salt was food-grade.

Longhorn Steakhouse in North Myrtle beach and T & F Hot Dog Sled in Murrells Inlet both received near-perfect 99 scores, and True BBQ in Myrtle Beach got a 98.

Read each of this week's DHEC inspection reports in PDF format below:

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