Robeson County considers regulation after vicious pit bull attack

Robeson County considers regulation after vicious pit bull attack

ROBESON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Robeson County Board of Health is looking into changing the adoption policies involving pit bulls after a woman was attacked by one of the dogs.

Bill Smith, director of the Health Department for Robeson County, said a bite like this is something not to be taken lightly. The woman is currently being treated at Duke Hospital.

Her injuries were reportedly very severe, as the flesh was torn completely down to the bone. She may lose one or both of her arms.

The pit bull was a 1-year-old, 78-pound dog that was bred in the victim's sister's home with three others when one of the dogs attacked her.

Smith said the dogs were home pets, did not run wild and had no issues prior to this.

"Although the veterinarian thought they were aggressive, there had been no indication there would be an attack like this," he said.

The pit bull in this case had to be euthanized and the head was sent in for rabies testing.

After a woman was killed by a pit bull in Robeson County back in January, the county board of health grew concerned.

Smith said 57 out of the 113 animals declared vicious in the county are pit bulls. He said health officials are looking at requiring the puppies to be spade and neutered, just like the adults.

"We can't just have puppies come out who six months later have some other puppies," Smith said. "How do we stem that flow some?"

The Board of Health will meet on April 28 to discuss the pit bull adoption policy change.

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