New technology aims to keep teen drivers safe behind the wheel

New technology aims to keep teen drivers safe behind the wheel

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's a very exciting time when teens get their license, but there are definitely some safety measures that goes along with operating a vehicle.

"I'm really excited, all my friends already have their license, so it's good.  I'm happy they don't have to pick me up and I can take myself anywhere I want to," said teen driver Colleen Becker.

With the help of great technological advances, teens are safer on roadways than before. Warning systems, cruise control, and GPS tracking systems are some of the ways that technology is helping teens to become cautious drivers.

"Any kind of teen safety, I'm for that, as long as they can still concentrate up ahead and they're not dealing with a lot of things while that car's moving," said Mike Doneff, Safe Driving School instructor.

Many parents like Becker's mom appreciate the new advances. Split seconds is a device that calls emergency services right away, if that car is in a wreck.

Tonight at 6 p.m. in a special report, Michael Maely takes a look at teen driver safety measures, and how special devices can help teens on the road.  

See the photos of the latest devices, systems, and mobile apps that contributes to teen driver safety in the slideshow below. Mobile users, tap here to view the slideshow on your mobile device.

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